Typical Day

Typical Day


There's no such thing as a typical day for children in their early years...



Sample Menu


Cereal / porridge, fruit juice / milk to drink.



A selection of fruit / raisins / toast / bread sticks with water / cordial to drink.



Birds Eye fishfingers, potato and carrot waffles, cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes and chunks of cheese. Water to drink and yoghurt for pudding.



Baking / crumpets / croissants / muffins / pancakes. Water / cordial to drink.



Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread with

water to drink.



Typical Day


7.30 breakfast


8.30 school run


9.00 playgroup / play centre / focussed learning activity


10.00 snack


11.00 group story, child-led play


12.00 lunchtime


1.00 garden play


2.00 snack followed by focussed activity


3.00 school run


4.00 light tea


4.30 group song time / story


5.00 freeplay with provision


Other than mealtimes, activities are not set in stone. Children are encouraged to use their imagination and make use of the provision on offer. Adult – initiated learning takes place throughout the day however research shows that children thrive in an environment where they are free to explore and engage through their own ideas. Children have many opportunities throughout each day to have one -one time with an adult, where we do focussed learning appropriate to their individual stage, age and development. We work closely with the parent(s) providing strong partnerships which ensures the children are settled and have consistently high levels of appropriate care.



Rainbows & Rockets Preschool is a high quality childcare provision in Idle, Bradford BD10 area.

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