About me...


Hello, my name is Carly. I am a qualified and experienced childcare practitioner who strives to provide a continuous outstanding setting

for children in their early years.


Carly always makes the children feel really welcome and acts as though them being there is the nicest thing to happen to her. They feel welcomed and almost part of the family...


At Rainbows & Rockets Preschool your child will receive outstanding care tailored to their individual needs. Educational opportunities are provided to cater for a child's current interests and are appropriate to each age, stage and development in line with the early years curriculum.


Strong partnerships with parents provide the baseline to the success of a happy and healthy child who will thrive in a setting away from their home comfort. Rainbows & Rockets provides a learning platform in a safe environment where children can grow into confident young people.


The setting offers a welcoming home from home environment that is safe, clean and comfortable, where children can flourish as happy and healthy individuals. The setting provides children with freeflow access from the ground floor into the garden, where they can access an outdoor playroom and an abundance of educational resources especially for them.


Educational philosophy:

As a facilitator of early years education, I follow a combination of approaches for successful learning and development. The holistic Montessori approach aims to develop the whole child by combining a philosophy of freedom and self development, with praticality and an understanding that children in their early years have the greatest capacity to learn. The Waldorf Education philosophy is also an important concept for learning at the setting. It is necessary to strive to transform care and education into an art that educates the whole child- the heart and the hands, as well as the head. Underpinning my educational philosophy is the belief that children thrive when outdoors. The freeflow provision provides a combination of play equipment, all weather surfaces and landscaping. Outdoor play encourages social inclusion, team play, imagination and healthy physical activity.


"The best classroom and the widest

cupboard is roofed only by the sky"

(Margaret Mcmillan)



As a professional childminder I take regular training such as:


Jolly Phonics (early reading and sounds for pre schoolers)

Food Hygiene

Peadiatric first aid


Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Child abuse and neglect

Early child development



Rainbows & Rockets provides a fun relaxed environment where children and their care is serious business!

Rainbows & Rockets Preschool is a high quality childcare provision in Idle, Bradford BD10 area.

Abinger Close



BD10 8DE


T 07859 231 978

E hello@rainbowsandrocketschildminding.co.uk