Welcome to Rainbows & Rockets Preschool.


A high quality learning environment tailored exclusively for children in their early years, in a professional home from home setting.


Typical Day


There's no such thing as a typical day for children in their early years...


Routine and structure is essential for the success of the setting, however it is paramount that learning comes from within a child's passion- taking their interests to the next level.





Fees payable to the setting provide the ability to allow strong educational resources, training and maintenence.


Rainbows & Rockets is an affordable childcare setting with a realistic price structure for the BD10 area.




The EYFS Framework exists to support all professionals working in the early years category to help your child learn and develop.


Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.


Opening Times:


Monday to Thursday 7:30 am

- 6:00 pm Friday 7:30 am

- 5:30 pm


Please call on 07859 231978 to arrange a setting visit.





• fully qualified in home based childcare


• qualified in paediatric first aid


• enhanced DBS Disclosure


• safe and secure environment


Child-led play


What is Child-led Play?


Its about letting children explore and discover, to learn and to grow. Your child is following their own deep play patterns coded into their body and developing brain, whether they are deeply engrossed in their own world or when interacting and playing with other children. This type of play is extremely beneficial. It is a requirement for developing human beings to unfold as designed.


As an educator, it is necessary for me to follow their lead, to support them when required, and to watch and wait as they discover, invent and develop confidence.

How Young Children Learn


Built-in Information Receptors

Children experience the world through their senses: by seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting, moving, balancing, hearing... the more senses involved, the more the learning takes place.


Sight a 'Super sense'

Children are always noticing things they see, things that we adults are often oblivious to. 
Apart from the things they see around them, they are also constantly scanning for other information, they will be reading your eyes and your face to see if spiders are 'okay' or 'scary', if dirt is 'yucky' or 'okay'. Having eye contact is an important information tool for your little one. Adult presence is the safe-ground that allows them to relax and feel safe.


Touch a 'super sense'

Every child wants to touch everything from the moment they have hand-eye coordination!
Is it rough, smooth, wet, dry, prickly, warm, cold, hot, dusty, textured? Does it move or is it still? The finger tips are directly connected to the brain forming an information pathway.



Movement and motion both stimulate the brain to grow. Science has identified that movement is an important key to make brain growth happen. Kids need to be on the move for healthy brain development.



We are the Model: Children learn constantly from what we do. From us, they learn that the environment we are surrounded in is enjoyable and important. They learn that the worms, berries and birds around us are important parts of our Living Earth.

Rainbows & Rockets Childminding is a high quality childcare provision in Idle, Bradford BD10 area.


11 Abinger Close



BD10 8DE


T 07859 231 978

E hello@rainbowsandrocketschildminding.co.uk